driving by a purple sky on our road trip 


The Dude Fire burning through Tonto National Forest, Arizona by Fred Hirschmann


(my body materializes out of the darkness) fuck that was sick. did I look cool dont lie dude.

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Real TV by Julien Coquentin
"In April 2003, a man that I will call Robert, living in southern France, has been found in the morning, hanged in the attic of the family home, it is his wife who made this tragic discovery. Few reasons were evoked thereafter, to explain the fatal act, it seemed happy of living though sometimes described as loner and he never presented these precursory signs which sometimes make consider the worst. One said of Robert that it was gentle, respected and respectable, intelligent, dreamer. 
“Real TV” is the story of a very short part of his existence.”



The stream in the park by the library that I fell into once~*~

Id love to fall there